"Prices are converted to SGD so local users can easily spot the best deal available. Oo.sg also factors in the shipping cost, so you have an even better estimate of what the eventual prices will be. A quick search for The Hunger Games found a substantial S$9.60 difference between the cheapest and most expensive options." - Hardware Zone Singapore

"It's incredibly simple to use - we test-drove it a couple of times and are happy to say that we haven't encountered any kinks. All you need to is to key in the title of the book that you're looking for, and the website does the rest of the hard work." - Honeycombers

"Oo.sg has added thoughtful touches like shipping fee, delivery time and the total price all tabled together neatly. The best part? You're not charged for the service. Simply pick the best one, and the products will all be sent to your place - all payments are made directly to your chosen retailer. Really, really fantastic stuff." - Nylon Singapore

Stay In The Literary Loop With OO.sg

Compare prices and get the best deals from 9 bookstores including Amazon and Kinokuniya on just 1 website

Singapore, 24 August 2012 - Forget about switching between Internet browser tabs - you can now shop on just one tab with oo.sg, a webisite that consolidates the best deals from 9 websites. With literary offerings from power e-retailers such as Amazon, Kinokuniya, Popular, Betterworldbooks, Bookdepository, Fishpond, Noqstore, and Opentrolley, you don't have to press Ctrl and Tab anymore.

Despite the convenience of an e-book PDF, there are still those who still prefer the touch and feel of flipping the pages of a book while love curling up with their favourite drink. However, shopping for a book offline means rushing with the weekend crowds, while shopping online means tedious price comparisons between e-retailers.

OO, what's this? oo.sg is a book price comparison website with a simple user interface. Simply type in the name of the book you're searching for, and the prices from 9 websites will be compiled for your easy comparison. All prices and promotions are updated in real time so you'll get the best bang for your buck.

What's more, oo.sg will even compile key information such as price, shipping fee and delivery time in a table form for easy comparison. Pick the one that suits you the best, and the products will be delivered right to your doorstep. Payment will be made directly to the retailers themselves - oo.sg is just a free service that simplifies and streamlines your shopping experience.

Not sure what you're looking for? You can browse the Bestseller section where the list of bestsellers from the 9 websites is constantly being updated. Whether it's a romance novel, a manga, a self-help book or even an assessment book, you'll be able to find the best available prices using oo.sg.

OO, I can browse on the go too! Rather than having to download yet another app to clutter up your smartphone screen, simply start up your browser and e-compare book prices on oo.sg while waiting for your friend to turn up. There's no need to double-tap to enlarge your screen since you'll be surfing on a mobile version of oo.sg - your browsing experience will be more fluid and simpler.

OO.sg is created up by Alex Low, a father of two young boys who read/tear as voraciously as they gulp down ice cream. Realizing how cumbersome it was to compare prices of books across various online bookstores, he worked with a freelance developer to create oo.sg that would help make finding the best book deals a breeze for one and

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